STYLSMILE Frequently asked questions


  • What is the STYLSMILE Lighten UP! kit?

STYLSMILE Light Up kit is a Revolutionary light accelerated teeth whitening experience using blue light technology & PAPTech. The Lighten Up kit contains everything you need for a whiter smile including the STYLSMILE Toothbrush, Toothpaste & accelerator tray.


  • Why is STYLSMILE Lighten Up! different to other products on the market?

The STYLSMILE Lighten Up kit is a revolutionary light accelerated teeth whitening experience, replacing your normal brushing routine, whitening every time you brush your teeth.  The STYLSMILE Lighten Up kit contains a toothbrush, accelerator tray using blue light technology and a blue light activated toothpaste using PAPtech.

Teeth whitening occurs when stains from the tooth enamel are removed or the colour of dentin the layer underneath the tooth enamel changes. Unlike other methods STYLSMILE aims to do both using PAPtech instead of peroxide.


  • Does the STYLSMILE Lighten Up! Kit use UV Light?

No, the STYLSMILE Lighten Up! Kit does not use UV light and instead uses blue light only.

A techy note from Tom: Light is made up of a rainbow of colours which come together to form white. Sometimes when it rains, this light is split into a rainbow because each colour has a different wavelength. Red has the longest visible wavelength at around 700 nano meters (nm), orange around 600nm, green 500nm and blue around 450nm. Invisible UV light is smaller and too short for our eyes to see, it has wavelength of between 200-400.

The below graph shows the wavelength graph of the STYLSMILE LEDs. As you can see the highest intensity is around 460nm, which is in the blue light ‘zone’. There is 0 intensity in the UV wavelength of 400nm and below.


  • What is covered in my STYLSMILE Lighten Up! warranty?

The STYLSMILE has a two year warranty, after the date of purchase, on any defect due to faulty materials or workmanship. Faulty products covered by the warranty will repaired or replaced by the manufacturer (STYLIDEAS). This warranty does not cover: Brush heads; Damage caused by alterations, misuse, neglect, unauthorised repairs or normal wear and tear, including chips, scratches, discolouration or fading.


  • What is the STYLSMILE Lighten Up! money back guarantee?

Use our STYLSMILE kit as instructed for a minimum 60 days. If after 60 days use you do not have noticeably whiter teeth, you can return your STYLSMILE product for your money back.


  • How do I claim my money back with the money back guarantee?

To obtain your money back all contents and packaging must be returned to the manufacturer (STYLIDEAS) with the original purchase receipt. Items returned without a full packaging, contents or receipt will not be honoured.

This guarantee is valid from the manufacturer only (STYLIDEAS) and not the retailer you have purchased the goods from. This guarantee is only valid after 60 days use & must be returned to the manufacturer (STYLIDEAS) 14 days after the initial 60 day trail period has ended. Returns costs will not be covered by the manufacturer (STYLIDEAS) and proof of return postage will be required.

For further details see 



  • How many times do I have to use the STYLSMILE kit to get results?

Results can be seen within 4 weeks, we do however, recommend using the STYLSMILE kit for a minimum of 60 days to see noticeably whiter teeth. The STYLSMILE toothbrush and toothpaste should be used for 2 minutes twice a day. Use the STYLSMILE toothpaste with the STYLSMILE Accelerator Tray for 15 minutes, twice per week to enhance whitening results.


  • How does the STYLSMILE Lighten Up! kit work?

The two-speed sonic STYLSMILE Toothbrush vibrates to gently remove plaque and stains from the teeth. The blue light technology within the toothbrush activates the STYLSMILE Toothpaste to clean and whiten teeth with every brush.

The STYLSMILE Toothpaste contains a revolutionary an organic whitening ingredient PAP, fluoride and menthol to freshen breath, clean and whiten teeth when activated by blue light. This toothpaste will suppress the growth of bacteria in the mouth leaving your breath fresher for longer.

When used with the STYLSMILE toothpaste twice per week the STYLSMILE Accelerator Tray with blue light technology will enhance teeth whitening.

Independent studies with PAP show that teeth become noticeably whiter after 30 days.


  • How do I use the STYLSMILE Lighten Up! teeth Whitening Kit?

Brush your teeth with the STYLSMILE Toothbrush and Toothpaste in circular motions for 2 minutes every day please note, the toothbrush will pulse every 30 seconds. Use the 30 second pulses as a guide to brush the four sections of your mouth, move the toothbrush and brush the next section after each pulse. Top up and enhance tooth whitening with the STYLSMILE Toothpaste and accelerator tray for 15 minutes twice a week.


  • Will it make my teeth sensitive?

In an independent test, 81% of people didn't experience any tooth sensitivity while using the kit.


  • Can I use the STYLSMILE Lighten Up! kit if I have a retainer or braces?

You can use the STYLSMILE Lighten Up! Kit is can remove your retainer or brace. If you aren’t able to remove your retainer or brace, we do not recommend using STYLSMILE.


  • Can I use STYLSMILE Lighten Up! Kit if pregnant or breastfeeding?

The STYLSMILE Lighten Up! Kit is suitable for Pregnant or nursing mothers however, we would recommend you seek medical advice prior to use.


  • Can I share my STYLSMILE lighten Up! kit with a friend or partner?

For Hygiene reasons we wouldn’t recommend sharing your toothbrush heads or mouth trays. You can buy replacement heads or trays here.


  • What age do I need to be to use the STYLSMILE Lighten Up! kit?

The STYLSMILE is for those over the age of 7 years.


  • Does the STYLSMILE Lighten Up! Kit whiten veneers?

The STYLSMILE is only proven to whiten natural teeth. It is not recommended for veneers or false teeth.


  • Do I need to use the STYLSMILE accelerator tray as well as the STYLSMILE toothbrush?

The STYLSMILE toothbrush & STYLSMILE toothpaste can be used without the STYLSMILE accelerator tray to obtain whitening results. We would recommend using the STYLSMILE accelerator tray twice per week alongside the STYLSMILE toothbrush and toothpaste to enhance whitening results.


  • Where is the best place to store my STYLSMILE Lighten Up! kit?

We recommend the STYLSMILE Lighten Up! Kit is kept in a bathroom inside a cabinet or cupboard. Please be sure to keep all of the contents, original packaging & receipts somewhere safe just in case you wish to claim your money back using our money back guarantee